Condo is bringing a Dish QAM system?


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Sep 27, 2006
1. What is a QAM system?

2. Can I buy any top box set/reciever box to work with this system?

3. Currently I have Dish on my balcony and take my top set box up to my lake home on the weekends and watch my Dish at the lake. Can I stil do this with the QAM Dish System?

4. What options do I have to purchase my own top set box? Currently they have a lease or buy option for 599.00 for a box with hd/dvr - it was just released and similar to the hd/dvr 622 model - but for a QAM system.

Any information is appreciated!
gbmarc said:
1. What is a QAM system?

If I'm not mistaken QAM is a method of getting digital cable from your provider. I know my TV supports it and when I had cable I could get clear (no encryption) channels from them via my TV's QAM tuner.
The only receivers that I'm aware of that support QAM from Dish are the 3750, 351 (basically a 301 with QAM) and the 811. I'd stick with using the Dish that's attached to your balcony if I was you.
QAM: Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
This is an efficient method of distributing pay TV service to large numbers of tenants in commercial or residential apartment or condo buildings or complexes often referred to as Commercial or Residential MDU (Multiple Dwelling Units). Because of the technology involved, it requires special boxes, like those described above, capable of demodulating QAM to access the transponders. Standard Dish Network receivers use a different method of modulation to provide access to the transponders (NO not QPSK, etc. I refer to the IF--Intermediate Frequency--band-stacking of the Dish Pro standard).

Some condos subscribe to special MDU packages, and not necessarily the same packages available to you from your own dish. Check to see if you will have access to the same packages you currently subscribe to.

I agree. Keep your own Dish for a while and evaluate from tenants how the QAM service is going. Being able to use the best and latest Dish Network boxes is reason enough for me to forget the QAM for now, and stick with my own dish.

Good Luck.

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