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Mar 4, 2005
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I have 2 receivers, a 510 and a 625. The 625 is in the living room and the 510 is in the bedroom.
Both receivers are connected to their TVs with component video cables (red, white, yellow). The
modulated output (ch.3) from the 510 goes to an splitter (in the laundry room) and the output
of the splitter goes to the living room TV. I can watch the 510 in the living room but I can't watch
the 625 in the bedroom.

Is there a way I can combine the modulated signal from the 625 onto the same coax and feed that
to the TV in the bedroom? I only have one coax running to each TV and I don't want to run another
coax. Is it possible to combine both signals on the same coax so I can watch either receiver in
either room? If possible I would like to split that coax and run it to a third TV too.



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Sep 7, 2003
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Yes this is possible. That feed in the living room coming from 510, put a splitter on that and put the tv output from tv2 onto that splitter. This will allow you to take the remote with you to any room that you have that wire ran to and watch from that 625 or 510 receiver feed as long as you turn it to channel 3 for the 510 and channel xx (60 by default) for tv from the 625. With a 6.2 remote you can operate both satellite receivers from the same remote.

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