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Dec 30, 2010
In your head
Why would you want to hide your ass?

To answer the OP's question.

If you are going to be a new subscriber which I gater from your other post and are getting an HD/DVR, it is free when you have the system installed.
That being said, for sure get it.

This will allow you to do Video on Demand (VOD) which does include some free content.
It also allows you to do DVR2PC

I also suspect that as technology advances there will be more cool features.

That being said, if is free, it is 100% worth it and it is not necessary to "hide your ass".


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Jan 3, 2007
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I enjoy the TV Apps. You can pick an app for your favorite sports team and get lots of stats info, standings and schedule. Theres also a facebook app which shows you the last 10 updates from your facebook friends.

Also on the HR24, and I believe other DVR's, there is Youtube integrated into the smartsearch.
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