Considering to use Clourflare?

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Dec 31, 2006
I am not sure if you heard about them before:
I hear good things about them over at and theadminzone.

I think satguys should give this a try.
It should work fine with MaxCDN.

This is helpful for viewers other than the US, such as Europe/Asia and other parts of the world.

There is the free version, and then there is the pro-version which is $20 a month.
I don't think we can get faster then we already are, but Cloudflare is also not compatable with NGINX. Not only that but its a nucense for users as it requires them to validate they are human all the time and not a bot.
Another site I visited recently uses them and everything you do you get the stupid CAPTCHA. Everyone hates that since bots can get around it anyway.
Then it's time to add Akamai cdn all over this place :)
The site is very fast, I am sure everywhere :)
I do agree with the capthca thingy.

BTW How do you like MaxCDN?
To me it seems that slows does certain sites.
MaxCDN is ok, the only thing I dont like about it is sometimes one of their cloud servers has issues so we will have people saying they are having trouble getting to the site when in reality the site is running fine. But MaxCDN has been MUCH more reliable for us then Amazons Cloud service was.
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