Consumer Reports on XStreamHD


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Apr 1, 2004
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When XStreamHD was initially announced more than two years ago, it appeared that it might find a niche among quality-conscious satellite or cable subscribers who didn't want to pay a high monthly subscription fee primarily to receive premium movie services. But there are now more alternatives, including a growing number of mid-priced TVs and Blu-ray players that can stream movies on demand without much additional cost. To me, in 2010, that makes XStreamHD, with its relatively high hardware cost, a monthly subscription fee and per-title charges, a much harder sell, even if it delivers on its promise of superior video and audio quality.
Its going to be a tough road for them.


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Sep 8, 2003
I think a good sub title for this section would be Voom II.
The author of the story failed to mention the other variable, the economy. A lot of people in urban areas are dropping cable/satellite services. They are getting frontend rebate offers while this company wants a frontend $400/500 payment?

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