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  1. We are always happy to help with any issues you are having with your DISH services but please be sure to include your account and pin number when sending us a PM. This will help us answer any questions and help get your issue resolved faster.
  3. Can we get this pinned to the top? Maybe add hotlinks to each DIRT member and their current schedule as well

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  4. Maybe add a DIRT category here...

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  5. Thanks Zach.

    Is there specific protocol on how long to wait for a response after contacting a DIRT member? I reached out to a member a week ago and haven't received a response. I just chose which DIRT member to PM based on who had read my original thread in the forums. I don't want to be bother multiple DIRT members at the same time.
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  6. Smartkid,

    I do apologize for the delayed response in getting back to you. I am more than happy to help you with any DISH questions/concerns you have today!

    Please PM me w/ the phone and 4 digit PIN number for further assistance.

  7. Thanks Mike - I've sent a PM.
  8. The DIRT Team has provided us with a schedule to better help our Dish Customers / Members know when they are online.

    Mike H.
    Sunday-Thursday 6am-2:30pm MT

    Andrea B.
    Friday-Monday 6am-5pm MT

    Tommy F.
    Sunday-Wednesday 6am-5pm MT

    Cheri T
    Saturday, Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday 7am-6pm MT

    Kim E.
    Sunday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm MT

    Becki B.
    Wednesday-Saturday 11am-10pm MT

    Andrew E.
    Saturday-Tuesday 10:30am-9:30pm MT

    Jason S.
    Sunday-Wednesday 11am-10pm MT

    Chris S.
    Wednesday-Saturday 11am-10pm MT

    Matt G
    Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 11am-10pm MT

    Dan B.
    Wednesday-Sunday 1:30pm-10pm

    Sarah J
    Sunday-Wednesday 11am-10pm MT

    Zach S
    Wednesday-Saturday 6am-5pm MT

    Mike L
    Saturday, Monday, Thursday-Friday 11am - 10pm MT
  9. It would help if they would log on to this site more regularly. According to the above schedule, there are 4 on duty now, but none logged on/RED.
  10. KAB,

    I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or the Satellite Guys family. We're working to be more active on the site and I will forward this to my other teammates to log in once their shift starts.

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  11. For fuuture reference, just send them (dish_answers) a PM on Twitter with a link to the thread and somebody on DIRT addresses it pretty quickly.
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  12. With the new forum software, where is the best place to find who is online? "Helpers Online Now"?
  13. Main forum pages, either left or right of the screen. Still in red...
  14. Thanks, I see Cheri is online now and it is under the "Helpers Online Now".
  15. I just look at the schedule and see who is supposed to be available and start a conversation. I just had CheriT help me deactivate a receiver.
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  16. I just sent here something as well.
  17. Here is the newest schedule. :)

    Mike H- Sunday-Thursday 6am-2:30pm MT

    Andrea B. - Sunday-Monday, Thursday-Friday 6am-5pm MT

    Tommy F. - Sunday-Wednesday 6am-5pm MT

    Cheri T. - Wednesday-Saturday 7am-6pm MT

    Kim E. - Sunday-Thursday 8am- 4:30pm MT

    Sarah J- Tuesday-Friday 11am- 10pm MT

    Andrew E- Sunday-Tuesday, Saturday 11am- 10pm MT

    Jason S- Sunday-Wednesday 11am-10pm MT

    Chris S- Sunday, Thursday-Saturday 11am-10pm MT

    Matt "Speedy" G. Monday, Wednesday-Friday 11am-10pm MT
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  18. Thanks Scott!
  19. PM sent to Mike.
  20. I can attest to Matt as being Speedy.
    He was very helpful and got it done very quickly. If the bosses are watching: Give this man a raise!

    (For you people with your mind in the gutter, I am referring to answering all my questions about the receiver swap and how it affects my account.)
  21. If it wasn't for the gutter,I wouldn't be able to collect my thoughts :biggrin