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Sep 3, 2004
Roseville, CA
Win a SatelliteAV GEOSATpro 1.2 meter dish with a GEOSATpro C2 LNBF and Mounting Bracket! Ends 9/15/2009

Want to experiment with a C-band Mini BUD system capable of feeding multiple receivers?

Enter to win Today!

GEOSATpro 1.2M Offset Dish
Exclusive Heavy Duty fine tuning AZ/EL Bracket with innovative bottom or inverted top mount motor post design. Assembled hanging weight 27 lbs.
GEOSATpro C2 LNBF with Standard Scaler
Top Rated C-Band Dual Output LNBF Performance

GEOSATpro C-Band Adapter Mounting Clamp




Includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental US.

How are GEOSATpro 1.2M dishes packaged for shipping? Satellite AV guarantees your dish to arrive in perfect condition with our customized shipping carton. One or two reflectors are cradled by four retainer inserts and float within the double walled steelboard carton. Folded carrying handles provide easy transport. Additional space in the carton allows the shipment of a complete satellite system without incurring any additional shipping cost. We have shipped over 4 thousand individual 1.2M dish cartons without a single damaged reflector!


Custom 1.2M Carton Suitable for Shipping
1 or 2 complete Dishes with Accessories


Carton Size - 58" x 52" x 9"
52 lbs - 1 unit / 78 lbs - 2 units

Estimated value of this package $180 plus shipping (typical ground freight cost for 1 or 2 dishes in a single carton range from $75 to $140).

How do I enter?
Reply to this thread and describe your favorite summer time activity while growing up. Examples: family picnics, family vacation, swimming hole, watermelon fight, pool party, neighborhood block party, etc.....

Small print:
This contest is open to any SatelliteGuys member based in the Continental US who is in good standing with the exception of Satellite AV staff and members of their families. Contest ends 11:59 pm, PDT, 9/15/2009. One entry per member.

A random drawing of one winner will be made by a member of our staff on September 16th, 2009. If the winner does not respond to our SatelliteGuys PM notification within 10 days, the prize will be forfeited and the unit will be offered to another contestant by random drawing.

This prize will be shipped via a ground freight company to a continental US residence or business address.
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Dec 17, 2005
N.E. Ohio
From age 5 till 17 I spent the entire month July in Canada at my grandparents cabin. That was the best time ever. Fishing, swimming, swimming some more then fishing then back in the water. I think I was waterlogged by the end of July. Oh and I soooo need that Mini-bud!


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Jun 24, 2006
5 miles N of Saugatuck, Mi
I'd like to win this thing. We used to vacation on the tip of Michigan's thumb, at Grindstone City. There was an old motel, called the "Sandy Beach Motel" ( guess what, no sand!) where we stayed cheap. They had 6 rowboats, that my sister and I could shove out into Lake Huron and row around. We probably went there 7 or 8 years , for a week or two each time. A great childhood.


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Apr 19, 2009
Wow, I could use that dish and finally get into FTA TV, and get STO and Cox Sports!

Anyway, Seeing the Blue Angels every year at Seafair. Well, I actually still do that. But ever since I was a little kid, summer has been marked by the blues!


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Jul 22, 2006
CFB Edmonton
my favorite summer time activity growing up was camping, we never had the money to fly anywhere or stay in a hotel so we always drove and camped along the way. I remember the camping more then the destination often. haha.

still to this day Id rather be in a pup tent then a stuffy hotel.


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Feb 21, 2009
La Crosse, WI
My favorite summer activity while growing up, was vacationing in Northern Wisconsin. We would go camping and fishing. I remember catching 2 Muskies one year. One was 27 inches long.

Thanks for giving away another mini BUD. I would love to win this one.:up


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May 23, 2009
oh gosh you're going to make me strain my brain going that far back....

Well, I guess what I have the most pleasant memories of is taking a little red wagon out to the field at the end of the block and picking berries in the evenings when it was cooler. We would fill the wagon to overflowing with berries then take them back home to wash, sort and pick through.

I would help mom make berry jelly in Mason jars and we sealed them with Gulf wax.
I used to like to stick my fingers in the hot wax. :rolleyes:

I was also always trying to sneak a spoonful of sugar when mom wasn't looking. :p
She usually would catch me. She would always tell me she had eyes in the back of her head. I believed that for a loooong time.



Feb 16, 2007
in highschool i spent have my jr and sr years at the lake, durring the summer monthes my step-dad made me move a wood stack from place to place just to have chores to do:rant:... id love to play with bud


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Aug 20, 2006
Rison , Arkansas
I would have to say when i visited my grandparents farm and got to eat outside for the family get togethers :) enjoying all the family and playing kickball ..... boy thats been some time ago :)

thanks for the contest


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From the time I was ten till the end of High School, Dad would gather the whole family and we drove from Torrance CA to Bass Lake, just outside the Yosemite South Gate, and spend four weeks. Dad would set up the tent and the area for our camp, then leave my two sisters and I with Mom and he would go back to Torrance to work the next two weeks before he could come back and vacation with us.

Now, THAT brings back memories, camping, cannoeing, singing with the whole camp ground gathered around as the Sorrensons (haven't thought of them in YEARS) sang and played every imaginable musical instremunt you could get into a camp ground.

And I would LOVE to put up a C Bander so I could catch some more BB games.



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Apr 26, 2009
Jersey Sure
As Bob Hope always said, “Thanks for the memories.”

Ah, the lazy hazy days of summer! They were the pits when you live in a small apartment in NYC with no air conditioning. Dad would take us, Mom, me and my five brothers, down to the Jersey Shore to escape the city heat and humidity. We would go to a park on Barnegat Bay. It had a small bay beach and a shaded picnic area. We picnic and crab all day; we normally caught enough crabs to have dinner before we went home. Dad would break out his camping stove and Mom would make spaghetti and crab sauce. We would pick up a watermelon from the many farmers markets that we pass on the way to the beach. Ice it down and after the spaghetti and crabs dinner we were all rewarded a large slice of watermelon for dessert. It was fun to have a pit-spitting contest with my brothers.


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Mar 7, 2004
Running down to the local convenience store to pick up sale Hostess donuts and other treats for just $1.


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Dec 9, 2008
Portland, OR
Ahh... Summer.

Which for me meant packing up and leaving for a week to tour our nations Great National Parks. Even though that didn't mean we left the state, I learned to love long car rides, being a polite quiet neighbor around the campground and the cold, hard ground as a bed. I love it :D

Oh how I love the smell of the firs and pines mixed with humid cool air. The glow and heat of burning wood and propane

And no electronics to boot! Not that I didn't envy the RV'ers with their electricity and TV. Ruins the experience for me really.

Detox for the mind, being outdoors.

AH. spending time as family going for long walks on the nature trails, enjoying God's green Earth. :):):)


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May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
My favorite summertime activity while growing up, which I looked forward to every year, was traveling around the United States with my parents in their motorhome. Thankfully, gas was much cheaper when I was young :) ... Wouldn't be able to do those trips these days without taking out a new mortgage. By the way, my current favorite summertime activity is staying indoors and avoiding the tropical heat!


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Jul 23, 2005
Rhode Island
My favorite summer activity was playing baseball in a sandlot, we played it from early morning till dusk. It was almost a daily thing.


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Jul 13, 2006
87W 40N
Way back when i was a youngster, mom and dad always took us kids camping a couple of times every year to different places in the state. I think by the time i was 10, i'd swimmed/fished every pond in Indiana.
BTW, That mini bud sure would look pretty with all the other dishes on the farm :D
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