Court TV is Launching a Second Free OTA TV Channel as Escape Rebrands


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Court TV is Launching a Second Free OTA TV Channel as Escape Rebrands - Cord Cutters News

Today E.W Scripps Company announced that they will rebrand the free OTA TV network Escape to Court TV Mystery on Monday September 30th 2019. This new network will work with Court TV and offer top-rated crime series like The First 48, Forensic Files, American Greed, FBI Files, Crime Watch Daily, Unsolved Mysteries and more.
Thanks for posting. Hope the programming doesn't change too drastically as my wife likes Escape for the movies that they run. :(


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You know, I always thought that Escape was one of the less stupidly-named subchannel networks. Sure beats This TV, Me TV, Get TV, Antenna TV, etc.

Now, of course, Scripps is going to remedy that by changing the name of Escape to "Court TV Mysteries". Are all the people who name networks on drugs? (Don't answer that; I'm not sure I want the answer.)

I assume that next we will see Grit become "Court TV Cowboy Justice". :rolleyes:

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Mar 28, 2016
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Bounce TV to African TV and Laff TV Comedy Channel. As we need another Court TV channel that none of the big 3 in KC area have yet.


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I noticed Court TV has a Live Stream on their website, but is there any possibility that "Court TV Mystery" will have a live stream?

I am not in an area to receive Escape/CTVM OTA apparently even if I put up the biggest antenna known to man according to various antenna websites. Just due to being in a valley surrounded by mountains and being in one of the lowest spots of the valley.....

I would totally enjoy an online stream if that is ever a possibility.


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Apr 22, 2008
Wow, I haven't seen the new Court TV Mystery but randomly noticed on Court TV's website, they air FBI Files & Forensic Files over the weekend.

I was very impressed how good the online stream looked. It was 720P and playing rather well.

If they actually do Mystery as a Live Stream, I probably will jump up & down for joy as I miss watching some of these crimes shows, I am too far to reach the market affiliate via OTA, & my cable co doesn't even carry if I got that route.


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Feb 25, 2015
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Court TV Mystery seems to be veering back towards true crime content? They introduced a lot more scripted content a few months ago like Without a Trace but they seem to be going back the other way with new true crime shows instead? Scripted content is now only 3 hours a day with one episode of Scandal, Boston Legal and Without a Trace