Cox Data Caps meant to end or cash in on tv streaming

To each their own. I would rather watch something I've never seen even if it's black and white and in SD than continue paying for the endless reruns of crap on the majority of the pay channels. Dvr makes the commercials meaningless just like with pay tv's commercial laden channels.

That's why I find shows via other means, from other countries that are never shown in the US. I would gladly pay for them, but we aren't given that choice.

As long as I can get a few sports channels and basic cable channels for $35 or less with no equipment fees from cable, I'll continue paying. If the bundle price goes much more than that it will become expendable too.

SD on the sub channels isn't bad usually. We get alot of use from OTA in Tampa seems like there is always something on we want to watch, the classic comedy shows are still funny. (Taxi, Cheers, Barney Miller, Newhart(s) etc)

Does anyone know if this is for sure happening

Comcast DCT700 no picture

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