Ct Directv Users, What are your settings

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Sep 8, 2003
I'm looking for people in CT to list their tiilt and elavation that their DTV dish is set to. Also list whether or not your getting 119 as well.
Also llist your town as well.

I'm in Walingford, and my settings right now are tilit of 65 and elevation of 29, but not able to get 119 at this time.


Hi, John :)

I am in Fairfield county so my locals are from NY on 101W. ;)

Unfortunately, I cannot help you because when I installed my dish, I used a little satellite finder device and since it is a round dish, I don't have any tilt and I don't even know what the elevation is.

I just thought I would reply to say "Hi" at least and I saw that nobody replied yet so maybe it's because nobody knows what you are asking about.

Sorry. :(

Good luck. :)

Edit: thought of one question
Are there any trees ahead of the dish? You probably checked this issue already but just in case, I thought I would ask. :D
Please reply by conversation.

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