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Jun 26, 2004
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Hello. My cousin currently has a 5 room receiver setup with DirecTV (like I do). It is the triple LNB dish with a 4x8 multiswitch, I think. He wants to know if it is easy to switch to DISH Network and not have to mess around with his current setup. That is, can the installer use the existing "arm" on the roof and just replace it with a Dish Network dish? Also, what is the best E* dish out now? When I had Dish Network I had a Dish 500 and had another Dish 500 to pick up 61.5 for locals. Is there one Dish that can pick up the 2 main sats plus 61.5? He doesn't want two dishes on the roof which might also mess up the setup.
So, is it possible?
Thanks in advance.
It depends where he lives. 38 markets have some of the locals on one of the wing satellites. You do not have to have the second dish if you do not want it, you will just not be able to see some of the channels (spanish, shopping and secondary PBS are usually the ones on the second dish).
Yeah, I told him that it was just PBS kind of locals. In NJ/NY, I remember the regular local channels like NBC, CBS were on the regular satellite. I heard something about a SuperDish. Can this take in three sats. Is it a triple LNB?
But just to confirm, is what you are saying that it is possible to just switch the dish?
SuperDish is currently being used for local channels in specific markets and International channels. Doesn't sound like you need one.

It looks like all your cousin needs is a Dish500. It can be mounted on the same mast used for the DirecTV Dish. If he wants the locals from 61.5, DISH Network will put up the 2nd dish for free. As a matter of fact, when he gets his initial 4-rcvr system and orders the 2nd dish they will probably put in a DP 34 switch at no charge. Then he will be able to add a 5th, or even a 6th, receiver.
thanks for the replies. Well, technically he wouldn't need the second dish for 61.5, but there is an international channel that I think is currently on 119 and 61.5. I don't know if they will keep it longer. If they put up the second dish, then I guess that would mean an additional hole would have to be drilled. Also, with DP34 switch, does that mean that they would remove his current 4 x8 switch? He'd like to keep that switch, if possible. Also, the Dish 500 is only a dual LNB, correct?
He should be able to keep all his DIRECTV equipment, LNBs, Dishes, Switches, and recievers... He could give them to someone or sell them on ebay...

If you check out you can find your market and see what satellite your channels are on. 119/110 are Dish500, 121/105 are SuperDish, 61.5/148 are the wing satellites. Only 61.5/148 require a second Dish.

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