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Apr 20, 2014
Mesa, Az
I believe they pay their CSRs in the US $12-19/hour. Probably a lot closer to the low end. It is not a career choice. I expect their average tenure is 2-3 years at best. Not a way to get dedicated highly skilled workers. And THESE people are the face of the company to the public, NOT the ads they run.

Believe me, I know whereof I speak.

Their overseas CSRs may be paid in chickens. Or maybe chicken feed.

Do not expect too much from such poor people. Never ascribe to malice, that which is explained by incompetence. (Ascribed to Napoleon and a whole bunch of other people.)

I like Dish. But they’ve done some despicable things. They fired a handicapped worker for popping positive on marijuana. MEDICAL marijuana. A worker with good reviews and no hint of impairment on the job. And it stuck through the courts.
Can’t expect perfection from any entity.

Yet the first CSR might have actually saved you money. CERTAINLY, IMHO, would have saved you trouble over the long run. The ViP series is going away. Support is diminishing. Technology marches on.

Due diligence is upon YOU. Companies simply don’t hire people trained to the degree we would prefer. Note I said TRAINED, not capable. They are surely capable. The companies just don’t pay to teach them properly. Because they can only see a quarter, or at MOST, a few quarters ahead. The CEO and some other managers pay may be tied to results over such a short run, seriously damaging long term results. Such thinking would kill companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin.

This is more of a hit on Colorado than Dish. It’s a blanket rule, however AZ is the only state that protects medical marijuana as a medicine. I know because they tried to fire one of my reps, he had his card, threatened lawsuit, they brought him back with a nice promotion, raise, time off, back pay, etc. How often does Charlie turn down a case. Now as a medical user myself, I supported their decision. The employee handbook is clear, and unfortunately if your state doesn’t protect you, then it is not really the companies fault. A lot of misconceptions with medical in the US currently. I do think they could change their policy, but it is tied into their health insurance as well. More to the story than meets the eye, as usual.
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Apr 20, 2014
Mesa, Az
I thought pretty much all VIP equipment was obsolete and no longer activated on any accounts.


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Nov 3, 2015
Seaside Oregon
Ive been a dish network customer for over 15 years and usually had good luck with customer service but my last encounter really left a bad taste in my mouth. Embarrassingly I had an old sd receiver hooked up to a sd tv which I didnt upgrade mostly due to its enormity and weight until early 2020 when someone gave me a 40inch HD set. Of course watching the SD signal via a/v cables on this HD set was less than ideal so I called dish to request a dvr box with hd capabilities. The cust rep immediately tried to upsell me on a hopper system which would require me to replace both boxes in the house as well as the dish with a monthly price increase. I suggested I would be ok with getting another 722k or equivalent as we have that for our second box already. Of course after some fake inventory inquires the rep told me that they were out of those and my only two options were to get the hopper upgrade or he could send me a wally w/no recording options of course i knew he was full of it so i told him that didnt sound right and got off the phone. I called back an hour later and spoke to a different cust rep who immediately told me that I could have the 722k sent and installed at no additional charge and a week later it was done so just a warning to not accept up sell tatics from dish network reps especially during this time when were all struggling.
I don't like those CSR games either. I own my equipment and purchase what I want knowing I will be with Dish for sometime. When I have called the CSR tries to talk me into a Hopper, but I decline. The old VIP211k I have the built in OTA tuner as well as the outboard HDD, no fees, which I like. If I change receivers I would lose everything off the HDD as I would have to re-format it, plus I like the OTA tuner in the 211k. Fortunately there are used ones on the market if I need a backup. I had my old SD 2700 for years until I bought the vip211k. I know some day Dish may not continue to authorize the 211k, but I will switch when I have good reason to. I bought the Fire Stick to get Dish Anywhere, so I most of what I need.


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Aug 25, 2017
Pekin, IL
thats interesting, i wonder why my installer said he installed 2 of the 722k's earlier that day?
The only time we install them is to replace one that goes bad, and that's rare anymore, but much like MPEG-2 or SD equipment, at some point, there won't be a choice. Dish is aligning to a common GUI/Format and sadly for some, it's the Hopper standard
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