Cutting Edge Program Rules

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Unlike most online communities, we don't tolerate profanity, rudeness, or "trolling." We're here to have fun, simple as that, and attacking someone is not fun. If you cannot abide by these rules either in chat or in the forums, you will be removed from the process by a moderator.

We ask that you respect all moderators and not question actions in public.

If you have a suggestion for improvement, want help with an issue, or just want to talk about an issue in detail, start a thread in the Cutting Edge Discussion forum. We'll tolerate some off-topic chatter but please respect the process.

Our chatroom is a little different because we're here for a purpose. There's plenty of time to socialize before the downloads start, but we do ask that you be polite and respect the process during the time that downloads are occurring. Please respect the chat moderators and follow the etiquette rules in this thread.

Absolutely no profanity, rudeness or bullying will be tolerated.

Please note that whether or not they're visible, DIRECTV staff monitor the chatroom as well so plan your behavior accordingly.

Testing rules
• Report anything you think is out of the ordinary. Keep your posts complete but as short as possible so that they can be easily transferred into DIRECTV's bug-tracking system.

• Do not report multiple instances of the same issue. If you have the same issue, Click "I have the same issue" under the post.

• Each issue report should be accompanied with a log. To generate that log, press {MENU}, Settings&Help, Misc. Options, and choose "Report All." Note the code that's generated.

• You must include your full receiver model and a report number at the beginning of your post. Example:

• Do not report any network-related issues, guide-related issues, or slowness in the first 12 hours after downloading.

• One and only one official issues thread will be opened by the staff for issues with each release. If you need to go into more detail, open a thread in the Cutting Edge Discussion forum.

• Off-topic posts in issues threads will be deleted.

• Keep your posts short and to the point. Do not post your own personal punchlist. If you have to report an issue over multiple weeks, post a link to a previous issues post if necessary.

• Absolutely no negativity will be tolerated within issues threads. Please make every attempt to report issues clearly and without undue frustration seeping into your reports.

The real nitty-gritty

You agree to keep this process private.

Do not contact DIRECTV with issues. Do not post about the Cutting Edge process at other forums, with the exception of inviting others to join. Do not post screencaps or descriptions of new features in public forums. If you cannot abide by the privacy requirements, you will be forcibly removed from this group.

Cutting Edge is a testing process and things break.
By being part of the CE program, you acknowledge that you are testing pre-release software that is guaranteed to be less stable than the software sent to regular customers. You accept the risk for lost recordings, network problems, and all unexpected behavior. The owners of this forum accept no liability.

You must have an active DIRECTV account to participate.
You will be removed from the group if you cannot provide reasonable evidence that you are able to download and test Cutting Edge software.

Staff decisions are final.
While the staff will make every attempt to be fair and reasonable, staff decisions are final and disciplinary actions are not to be questioned in public.

Your expectation of privacy
By participating in the Cutting Edge, you agree that certain information about the hardware and software state of your receiver or DVR will be sent to DIRECTV for their use. Once this information is sent to DIRECTV, we cannot control its use and we cannot guarantee that the information is anonymous. The staff of the Edgecutter Cutting Edge Forums may allow the use of your e-mail address for communication as part of the Cutting Edge program. The staff may request more information from you as part of the process. Do not provide any information you do not wish to be shared.

The limits of our liability
This forum will provide announcements of times, release notes and any information we have at our disposal that we believe to be accurate and factual. However we accept no liability for errors in this information and all testing is done at your own risk.

Your recourse
You have one and only one recourse if you feel that the Cutting Edge Program is unacceptable, and that is to opt out. Participation is voluntary and your choice to join the Cutting Edge group signifies your acceptance of Cutting Edge rules.

No "CE Chatter"
We fully expect that our members will also participate at other blogs, forums, and social networks. However, you are prohibited from posting details of the Cutting Edge process at other sites, whether or not those sites have ever hosted their own public testing programs. If we find evidence that confidential information about Cutting Edge releases is being shared outside this site, the members responsible may be banned from this forum.

You are fully welcome to invite others to this site through any means you wish (with the exception of sharing private details of software releases) but we do ask that you advise people to read the rules thoroughly.

Requests from staff
The staff will do our best to explain when we're asking for something for testing purposes, and explain your options. Often times, we are asked by DIRECTV for more information. When the staff makes a request of you, please do your best to comply.

However, in the case of disciplinary actions coming from behavioral issues or broken rules, moderator requests must be followed and may not be publicly questioned. The staff will exercise its right to impose disciplinary actions up to and including banning to the extent allowed by law and by these rules. Your sole recourse is to leave this site.
Please reply by conversation.