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Welcome to the DIRECTV Cutting Edge Forum!

This is a Forum for DIRECTV Satellite Customers who want to test pre-release Genie and Genie client software, and report any issues discovered to DIRECTV.

Our goal is to provide feedback about any problems and deficiencies we may find in the software to the DIRECTV software developers. The CE program has been running with two-way communication between our testers and DIRECTV since 2006. It has had several homes, most recently at Iamaedgecutter.com, and now here at SatelliteGuys.US. We moved here with the generous support of Scott Greczkowski, in order to get more competent and reliable forum and server support.

To become and remain a member of the Cutting Edge Group here at SatelliteGuys you must:

* Be a DIRECTV Satellite Customer

* Have a Genie Lite(H44), Genie 1 (HR44 or HR54), or Genie 2 (HS17).

* Be willing to test software on your Genie that has not been completely refined and debugged.

* Be willing to create reports, with debugging logs, in our issues threads for DIRECTV to use to address your issue in a subsequent CE release.

* Promise not to discuss these pre-release versions or any other DIRECTV proprietary information anywhere outside of the Cutting Edge Forum.

* Be civil to each other, DirecTV Engineering and the moderators.

* Follow other CE Forum rules as may be published from time to time.

* There is no longer any Cutting Edge software being released for the HR34 or any Hx2x STB's and anything before those.

We will monitor activity, and if anyone who joins is not testing at least some of the Cutting Edge releases, they will be removed from Cutting Edge group. The primary way to show your activity is by voting in the poll for each release. We will make exceptions to any of the above policies for long time Cutting Edge members who no longer test for various reasons. They are the ones who got us here. PM me, Tom Speer, or Stuart Sweet if you feel that you need this exception.

Cutting Edge staff has the right to remove any member from the program who does not follow the rules nor actively participate in the program for an extended length of time.

After you join the group, check out the Cutting Edge Announcements forum for information on downloading CE releases, and joining the Push lists for low risk CE releases.

By clicking the following link and joining the Cutting Edge Program it means that you agree to our rules posted above.

The more testers we have, the better the software will be, so to join us, please CLICK HERE to Join Us!

(NOTE: If you are getting an error message saying you are already a member of the group, then please CLICK THIS LINK. Once you do that the first link will work again.)
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