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Aug 25, 2011
pocono mtns
ok so i'm new here and hope this is the right spot for this. i'm very close to cutting the cable. with reading all the online forums i just need a push. there are nightmare stories and good ones. which reciever to get or hope to get when the installer shows up. my biggest issue is the reciever. seems like alot of maintenance is needed compared to my cable receiver which only needs a reboot once and awhile. i grew up in pittsburgh and have to pay for the nhl tix when i can get root sports out of da burgh with direct tv compared to paying 175.00 every year. plus its not in hd with cable. any suggestions to push me over the edge!!


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Mar 25, 2010
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If you know someone with Directv, get that person to refer you. You each will both get a $10 credit for ten months. Or you can go to Cosco and sign up there, if you do you might get a $180 gift card from Cosco.

Get as much as you can when you sign up. Installation, first HD DVR, and HD receiver are free.
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