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Mar 26, 2005
Front Range, Colorado
mcaldero said:
I took the offer, too, but scheduled the install for a Saturday so I won't have to miss work. However, I plan on installing the receiver myself when I get it, then calling to activate the receiver and cancel my installation appointment. It's ridiculous that they make you schedule the appointment.
I wonder if they will ship the DVR to the installer, "requiring" the install?? Just a thought. I got the same email today, I've already got a Weekness upgraded HR10-250 in the living room and a HDVR2 in the den, so I don't need another one, although I am curious to see how it performs next to my Tivo's. Hmmm.....---Ray
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May 19, 2004
Puyallup, WA
Update on my earlier post in this thread

When I called and cancelled the free DVR, I thought that D* would cancel sending me the DVR, but it arrived Friday. All that D* did was cancel the install.

I installed the DVR (it's an RCA 40GB type), and when I activated it, the CSR said that I was now under a 2 year commitment! I stated that the email I received said:

"We'd like to offer you a reconditioned 40GB DIRECTV DVR from last year's inventory, for free. No strings attached. "

I looked at my account today, and there is no commitment. If you do accept this offer, make sure the CSR knows that there is no commitment.


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Nov 10, 2005
kryten98371 said:
. I refused to take a 1/2 days vacation to swap out a standard receiver with a DVR. I cancelled the order.

I guess i take it for granted but they install 7 days here. Even would come out on labor day! Dont they have 7 day installation where you are?


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Feb 6, 2006
Simi Valley, CA
I got the offer a week and a half ago. I ordered it but answered the question incorrectly as to whether this would be an additional unit or replace an existing unit. After ordering it by asnswering "Yes" I went back and clicked on the question and it said say "No" and they would send the unit and no install was required. I called to explain I screwed up the answer and thery told me to go in and cancel the order and re-order. I did and answered "no" to the question. It still wanted me to schedule an install but I didn't select a date and it let me go to finish the order. Now, they must process the shipment in a short time because I cancelled within the hour and sure enough I got 2 boxes sent to me on different days. The first, which I imagine now was the one I cancelled, I swapped out with a standard box and activated with no problem. The second is sitting on my front porch waiting for FedEx to pick up. I never opened it and called FedEx to refuse the shipment. They said OK and hopefully they'll be here to pick it back up.


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Supporting Founder
Sep 8, 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
I got a heck of a deal...I ordered the free DVR...I received a 40gb RCA last Wednesday. The installer showed up on Friday with a brand new R15 in his hands. I questioned him about it and he said his ticket stated bring equipment. I told him I did not want to be charged for it so we called D*. They told him to install the R15. I ended up with an R15 with no commitment! I made sure to write down CSRs name and id number just in case.....
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