D15 and HR20 questions

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A couple of questions....
Is there a way to turn off the screen saver on the XM stations? My Mother-in-Law would like to know... thanks

Since, from what I understand the HR-20 is basically a D15 on steroids, is there a way to switch viewing one tuner to the other, like the down arrow on the TiVos??

Any info would be great.

I think you are referring to the R15 as there is no D15.

1) No, as of right now there is no way to disable the screen saver on the XM stations.

2) HR20 and the R15 may "appear" the same, but they are very different underath. The HR20 is more then the R15 on steroids... HR20 is the HD version, where the R15 is just SD.

No, there are no dual buffers in the HR20/R15, thus nothing toggle between.
If you are recording two shows at once, you can use the PREV button to toggel between them.
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