Dang Snow!!


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Nov 25, 2003
Austin, Texas, United States
First time it has snowed here in forever. I had to get the broom and ladder out this morning to get the snow off the dish so I could get my locals. Guess I need to break out the Pam so the snow will just slide right off.... :yes
Yea, We have around 3-4 inches on the ground here in the Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX area. I have had DBS since 1994 and this is the first time the snow blocked the signal where I had to go outside and brush it off. Whats this thing I hear about spraying "PAM" on the dish? :usa
This is the first time in the 5 years I have had dish that I too had to get out and brush it off. Pam makes the dish slick and the snow wont stick to it. A good teflon type spray will work too.
Just got out my water hose and hosed them down...they are WAY too high to get to otherwise.

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