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Sep 7, 2003
RIP Dan Snyder


Thrashers player dies six days after wreck

ATLANTA (AP) -- Atlanta Thrashers forward Dan Snyder died Sunday night, six days after he was involved in a horrific car crash with All-Star teammate Dany Heatley.

Snyder died at Grady Hospital from massive brain injuries without ever regaining consciousness, the team said. He was 25.

Police said Heatley was driving his Ferrari at about 80 mph on a narrow two-lane road last Monday night when he lost control, spun off the road and smashed into a brick and wrought iron fence.

The car split in half. The players were thrown into the road.

More info here:

Condolances to the friends/family of Dan Snyder and to the Thrashers.

There's really never been an incident like this before in any sport- team's star player gets in car crash and his teammate dies. The closest I can think of was back in 1994 when Seattle Seahawks RB Lamar Smith crashed his car while drunk, paralyzing DL Mike Frier. Although in that situation, Frier lived and Smith was not yet a significant player. Smith went on to be a very good back, but he had to leave Seattle first.

One wonders where Heatley's career goes from here. It is obviously terrible to see anyone die. But, on a much lesser scale, it also sad to see the career of an emerging superstar possibly cut down before he has a chance to truly shine (even if it was his own doing).
Heatley is going to feel the emotional effects of this incident long after his physical wounds heal. On top of his legal battles ahead of him, he must feel just horrible about the whole mess.

It's truly a sad state of affairs.
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