Date change for Super Dish Locals?


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Jan 20, 2006
Can anyone tell me around the exact day that the dish signal will change for people who view their local networks on Super Dish 121? We received an email from retail services to stop putting in super dishes effective May 5th. However, I am assuming the change isn't for a few weeks after?
Can anyone shed some light on this, I am particularly looking towards Fargo, ND Super Dish Locals on 121, when that change will be??
If you currently have a SD locals on 121, once they change over to 110 the customer won't know unless they do the menu 6-1-1 and see that it changed.

I didnt see anything on Fargo on the big list of "this is the list of locals moving to 110 and their date"

correction...per, Fargo is moving 5/5
In accordance to a post by Scott G at Satelliteguys, the scheduled "move" dates for the SuperDISH cities local channels have been added to this chart. The entire original post is linked above. For archival purposes, the dates and cities are listed here:
Scheduled to move to 110° on April 21:
Albany GA, Augusta GA, Baltimore MD, Boise ID, Charleston SC, Columbus-Tupelo MS,
Evansville IN, Flint MI, Ft. Wayne IN, Gainesville FL, Green Bay WI, Joplin MO, La Crosse-Eau Claire WI, Lansing MI, Macon GA, Madison WI, New Orleans LA, Panama City FL, Traverse City MI, Tri-Cities TN/VA, Toledo OH

Scheduled to move to 110° on May 5:
Albany NY, Champaign IL, Chattanooga TN, Columbia SC, Columbia/Jefferson City, MO, Davenport IA, El Paso TX, Fargo ND, Ft. Smith AR, Greensboro NC, Greenville NC, Lincoln NE, Meridian MS, Milwaukee WI, Missoula MT, Mobile AL, Monroe LA, Montgomery AL, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Norfolk VA, Peoria IL, Portland ME, Quincy IL, Rochester NY, Rockford IL, Savannah GA, South Bend IN, Syracuse NY, Terre Haute IN, Topeka KS, Wichita KS, Wilkes Barre PA, Youngstown OH
PLEASE NOTE THE WORD "SCHEDULED". Schedules change, are updated or revised on a daily basis. This is not a "promise". It is a work schedule. Do not expect every city on the list to be moved at 12:00:01am on the date mentioned!
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once they change to 110, the 121 locals will "hide" (engineering status)

Duluth, MN locals moved from 110 spotbeams 2,8,10 to spotbeam 12. When I scanned 110 with my FTA receiver, the legit names were on TP12 and there were "unname" duplicates on the old TP's

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