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Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
pittsburgh pa
How awkard is it watching recorded shows?

My primary 522 has a ton of shows I recorded for a friend and have been too busy to dub to VCR.... perhaps 40 hours, most 1/2 hour shows. she has a toddler and thats a big distrraction

Thinking of swapping out my 522 for my spare and loaning her the 522 with all the shows to save me tons of time dubbing

this might convince her to get sat tv, although I really dont care.....

I think she will like the convenience of click and watch....

I just love being right!:D


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Nov 17, 2003
North Arkansas
It can be done with no problems.

Just unhook it and go. The only thing she will get is a warning screen about not having the unit hooked to the phone line when she first turns it on and it may also have a warning screen about lost signal, but as soon as you hit DVR, it goes away.

It is no different than rain/snow fade. The unit doesn't know the difference.

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