DC Area News (mostly on Spanish Language Stations)

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  1. Before I go too far all of this comes from the mailbag over at dcrtv.com. it often has some questionable information but once in a while there is some news there. BTW I bothered to confirm all of this at the FCC site before posting.

    Nothing earth shattering here but I thought some would care.

    First Friday Dec 1 is the date when WMDO-CD shuts down and begins channel sharing with WIAV. Since I never got WIAV i guess I lose 4 stations. There a few who think that this will mean UniMas will move to WJAL.

    WHUR And WTTG have both filed for increases in power. WHUT had asked to go from 100kw to 256 and WTTG wants to go to 1000kw.
  3. Sounds like they figured out that the FCC's power allocations are way off just like what happened during the digital transition.

  4. No doubt. If I am not mistaken there was a freeze on these applications so lots of stations may be asking. I only followed up on DC stations.
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