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  1. Ran a report yesterday just for kicks. According to website, and it's affecting many, including my station info (according to their thread it's affecting over a thousand stations) repack info was included into data base and it's leaving out many current stations making report incomplete. If already discussed, pls remove thread. Just trying to be helpful. Thanks
  3. Apparently this has been going on for a few weeks. My local ABC affiliate was incorrectly located (latitude and longitude) a couple of weeks ago so now it shows up out in the Gulf of Guinea south of Ghana.

    The TVFool forum is probably the best place to discuss tvfool (assuming you can get the sysop to activate your account).
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  4. 3 years ago it took me 6 months for them to activate my account. I wouldn't hold my breath for any new signups. I don't think anybody in power is awake over there anymore. That's a real shame...
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  5. Yeah. Same here. Still not approved. It's a royal mess. Shame too
  6. Not holding my breath on getting it man, that's a CRAZY report!! I thought mine was bad just missing some!! Lol I'm in their "que..." Naturally hasn't been activated and last check it said while they were aware of issues, feel free to post there if possible, but really nothing they could do until their programs they either buy to run reports or whatever is fixed. I like the actual FCC site as far as looking at dtv signal coverage area. Not too accurate when actually seeing what channels are available. I called Clearstream 800 number and while they want me to purchase their new 4 max, she said it would do very well (not sure for 149.00 just to try and then end up taking jt down apart and back to store 25 miles away) I'll stick with Atlanta locals on DTVN, finally have all of them, and Chatt TN locals from antennas which I love to tinker with and be a bother on here to been using this site for years due to vast knowledge and unique experiences of ppl here
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  7. I would point out that splitting the signal four ways on entry into the device is likely to seriously compromise the signal levels. Chances are that it is a passive splitter so you could be whacking your already awful signal by around 80%.
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  8. Did not know that is what it does. Just assumed it combined UHF VHF internally. Thanks
  9. Unless they're doing something extraordinary, they're splitting the signal between four independent tuners using a passive splitter. Combining UHF and VHF is also typically done with passive electronics that adds a certain amount of "insertion loss".
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