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Jun 18, 2010

Ok, so I'm a noob here but I tried to get Whole Home DVR installed today. They came and then said I didn't have the right wiring and canceled the order. After thinking about it for a while, I called back to Tech support and talked with a guy regarding the order. The issue was they weren't able to get access to my cable modem w/o a new wire run and I'm in two story w/ limited access to the areas needed.

So, here's my setup:
cable from ground (Time Warner)->On Q closet box (mst closet)->cable modem in office->wireless Linksys router

Dish->On Q closet box (mst closet)->all rooms w/ receivers

So, basically he said he had to have another coax cable run from the office to the On Q closet box in order to make it all work. I realize now that he was referring to the internet access. Whole Home DVR should have worked just fine and was confirmed by support.

So I'm thinking of ordering again. Have them put the deca device in the On Q closet w/o a new cable run to the office and then use a Wireless-N adapter to that device. Support said it should work but I want to get real smart people here to confirm before I go through the pain of scheduling another visit.

Even if the wireless-n thing doesn't work, Whole Home DVR should still work I think.

Any thoughts/help with be MUCH appreciated.



Aug 14, 2005
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I had the DECA/MRV install (3 HD DVRs, 1 HD box) using my Wireless N-router and Game Adapter for wireless connectivity to the router and it all works beautifully. The set up took the techs no time at all, and because my 20-700 had already had the game adapter hooked up to it, all the other receivers automatically recognized the wireless connectivity via the DECA. I'm lovin' the whole setup, as is my wife who is pleased that I can record World Cup soccer upstairs and be banished to the basement to watch it.


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Jun 17, 2008
No need to hook up to your internet for whole home dvr. Whole home communicates via, the SWM system.

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BTW, if should work fine without the DECA adaptor. You just won't get the internet based on demand stuff, but anywhere in the house where there is a coax cable near an eithernet line you should be able to hook up the deca adaptor.


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Dec 30, 2010
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I think I might be able to shed a little bit better light on this on why the installer canceled the job as I have run in to this situation before.

It sounds as if you have a box inside that has all your cable connections with a single wire that runs outside.
Where under normal circumstances this is fine for SWM, you have a cable modem which uses that single wire that feeds outside.
Now, seeing that that you live in an apartment, the installer may not be allowed to run additional lines and they restrict you existing cable.
If so, you will have to cancel comcasts internet service and go with DSL.
It also may be possible they will allow you to run a line but impossible to get it to the "Q box"
(Some examples would be if it is if you are on a bottom floor on a slab, middle floor, or top floor with no attic access and the box is not on an exterior wall)
If this is the case then again you would have to go DSL the get DirectTv.

If the installer can get to that box though, and is allowed to by the apartment complex there are no issues.
It just may mean you don't get an internet connection depending on how that room is situated.
If not, it may mean running new lines to everything, but again, the tech needs permission from the apartment management.

Two things you need to do before rescheduling would be to figure out of a line can be brought to that box.
If so, get permission from the apartment management to do it.

If not, then figure out if you would rather have DSL and Satellite or just stick with cable.
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