Degration of DT shannels?


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Apr 24, 2004
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Now that we have the fix all (right) L186, has anyone noticed that some of their digital OTA's are less than perfect? I've noticed that two of our five OTA digital channels are very poor quality in both audio and video. It seem that the locked signals show moderate to high signals strengths but the reception actually acts like there is just enough signal to kinda hold the picture with much Pixalation. The Tech. support at E* think the problem is nothing more than a bad ground in the RF cables. Troubleshooting my FR lines show no ground problems. Are there others experiencing degraded digital OTA?
I have noticed an occassional loss of signal here and there but nothing really bad. I have at least an 88-95 signal on all 3 of my digital locals . I notice the loss sometimes late at night when the channel is ready to go off of the air so this might be related to the station itself.

I really think most of these problems are related to the stations themselves and not so much with the 921. The different standards , not to mention the differences in signal output by the stations could be causing these problems.

I hear the hd Tivo has similiar problems with ota channels. We need a common STANDARD that all stations in the U. S. needs to go by and then we could make this work for both Dish and Directv receivers. For example some stations are in hd some are in 480p and then at night they switch to 1080i. Some are in low power and some just flip the switch on when they want to . You go all day with no digital signal and then at night it comes on. Come on make up your minds . This is enough to make any ota tuner flip out. A common Standard that all stations had to go by would help fix this mess for 95 % of the customers with ota problems. :cool:
Could be the cause

Yes, I agree. The local broadcasters do assorted things to the DTV OTA signals. I did a trouble check on all my connections, from the 921, all the way to the antenna. I found proper grounding. I did have a questionable contact at the antenna. Having cleaned it, I noticed somewhat less pixelization but all else is the same. The pixelization occurs now, only on one channel that is broadcasting low power. I am beginning to think that the station is having problems, possibly using even less power.

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