DHDT - Premieres Exclusive Mini-Series, Arctic Mission (3rd Episode) - 3/9 9pm EST


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DHDT - Premieres Exclusive Mini-Series, Arctic Mission 2/24 9pm Eastern

Entire Press Release

The series ARCTIC MISSION includes the following five episodes:

VOYAGE OF THE SEDNA -- U.S. Premiere: Tuesday, February 24, 9-10 PM (ET) As the Sedna IV departs Montreal on a grand voyage of the Arctic, viewers ride along through the unforeseen technical difficulties accompanied by the challenges of the Arctic climate. Directed by Jean Lemiere and Thierry Piantanida, ARCTIC MISSION: Voyage of the Sedna offers viewers a unique cinematographic adventure, all brought to life with the latest in HD technology.

CLIMATE OF CHANGE -- U.S. Premiere: Tuesday, March 2, 9-10 PM (ET)

Presenting the "climate machine" in a global and historical context and showing that the planet has experienced climate variations throughout its history, ARCTIC MISSION: Climate of Change presents viewers with explanations to the widely debated issue of global warming. Through interviews with climatologists, glaciologists, astrophysicists and oceanographers, as well as dynamic animation sequences, director Alain Belhumeur offers viewers a high- definition view of how the climate affects globally integrated issues.

LORDS OF THE ARCTIC -- U.S. Premiere: Tuesday, March 9, 9-10 PM (ET)

ARCTIC MISSION: Lords of the Arctic focuses on Northern wildlife and its close relation to climate change. Viewers will enjoy amazing HD images of polar bears swimming and jumping about ice flows, harp seals playing in their natural environment, and whales showcasing their power before the camera. This episode also investigates how the Arctic wildlife is the first victim of a system in flux. Caroline Underwood directs this episode which questions: Are the lords of the Arctic teetering on the edge of loosing their reign over the kingdom of ice and snow?

EYES OF THE INUIT -- U.S. Premiere: Tuesday, March 16, 9-10 PM (ET)

Director Carlos Ferrand wants to see through the eyes of the indigenous people of the region, the Inuits -- the people who grapple with environmental, social and cultural upheaval. Their fascinating culture is central in ARCTIC MISSION: Eyes of the Inuit, allowing viewers to get a rare glimpse through their eyes into this unique lifestyle.

WASHED AWAY -- U.S. Premiere: Tuesday, March 23, 9-10 PM (ET)

The last episode, ARCTIC MISSION: Washed Away takes a critical, humanist approach to examining the anticipated social and geopolitical consequences of global warming. Viewers will get a glimpse into the future as scientists provide their long-term projections of the earth's future. Directed by Patricio Henriquez, this episode will encourage reflection and give each and every viewer pause to question daily actions.

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It's a series not to miss. It really gets you thinking.


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