Differential Global Position System (DGPS) Reception Using a Dongle (1 Viewer)

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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Hello all,

Those of you who remember all the marine radiobeacons that proliferated on the LF portion of the spectrum (285 - 315 KHz) will be happy to know that over the years some of these have been outfitted with DGPS beacons. For more info just Google DGPS.

You can hear these with the dongle, just tune around 285 - 315 KHz with the dongle in USB mode. You may have to adjust the RF gain to a lower setting to not overload the receiver. Listen for the warbling tone and you have found one.

When propagation favors this band, especially winter when the QRN is low, you'll hear distant ones. Using a decoder you can copy the info the beacon is sending. I have found that not all DGPS beacons can be decoded, but attached is a screenshot of one from Sandy Hook, NJ.



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