Digital Audio Output?

Charles Lapple

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Sep 14, 2003
Got my 921 yesterday. Haven't really gotten into any recording,etc, because I have been trying to solve a sound problem. After multiple switching of digitl optical cables and eliminating any other equiptment problems, I have gotten the 921 to produce DD twice, for a short time. Then no sound, except from analog outputs. Anyone else had this problem? I can only conclude a defective Digital Aufio Output.

Waiting for the promised call from Dish, within 24 hours.
Are you trying to get all your channel to get DD? If you are, you won't get them. there are only a few DD channels or when theres a movies with DD on that that channels. so most of them are analog.
Quite a few of the movies are in stereo, rather than DD. There must be some extra cost for transmitting DD (satellite bandwidth, licensing, ?). However, you should be able to pick up the stereo sound through your optical connections. I've NEVER used anything but optical connections from any (recent) Dish product. Even the shopping channels come thru digital optical. :p

Try a hard reset on your audio receiver. My Denon AVR-2802 wouldn't pick up the optical sound from ONLY Showtime-300 and Showtime-303, and ONLY on one optical input, and ONLY from my 501. After the hard reset, it worked fine.
Have you checked the Audio Output settings (Menu-4-4)? Most of the content on E* is PCM48 (at least that's what my receiver says). I chose the DD/PCM option, which gives me DD if it's there, nice PCM if it's not.

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