Digital Playground Promotes New Blu-ray Releases


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Dec 31, 2006
Adult film studio Digital Playground has taken out a full-page ad in the latest issue of Home Media Magazine in order to promote their upcoming Blu-ray releases. Shown in the ad are Blu-ray versions of 'Island Fever 4', 'Pirates', and 'Babysitters'. The unmissable tag line in the ad "So Real You Can Feel It" is in the trademark blue color accustom to Blu-ray.

Digital Playground until recently only released high definition films in the rival HD DVD format. During AVN (an adult movie conference held directly after CES), they noted that the Warner Brother announcement forced them to rethink their position and that they would soon begin to release on Blu-ray. These titles appear to be the first of many from the adult film studio.

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I may get one of these movies :)
Porn on blu-ray eh?


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Aug 2, 2007
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The sad part is a lot of the Digital Playground Blu-Ray titles, e.g. Babysitters, are inferior to their last HD DVD titles because the the HD DVD's were on HD30's and the Blu's are on BD25's. DP actually skipped an extra or two on the BD25. The newer encodes (Sexy Hot, Kiss Kiss, etc.) look pretty good though as they take advantage of Blu's higher bitrates.

BTW, this is very old news--discussed already here in the Blu forum.

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