DirecTV 10 Signal Reading Thread(Transponders are Hot!)

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I am looking at Satellite Transponders (16 Total at 103 degrees (b)) at 11 I have 98 in Champaign, Illinois
Do you only get the 103 with a 5 LNB setup because I only show 3 sats and only have 2 LNBs.
You will need either the AT-9 or AU9 (slimline) 5 LNB dish. You should get 6 satellites showing up on your signal strength menu: 101, 110, 119, 99b, 103a and NOW 103b. There are actually 2 satellites at 119, but they show up as one.

I'm not sure what you mean by having only 2 LNB's. Do you have an oval dish with only 2 LNB's? If so, you should see only two satellites, 101 and 119. 110 is only received on the 3rd LNB (if you have one of the older oval dishes). The newer Phase III dish has all the LNB's in a single array so you don't see the individual LNB's.
Adirondacks in NYS

Getting a 96% signal on Xponder 11 in the Adirondacks of Upstate NY = HR20 - both tuners....

Let the Programming begin....and word on how soon?
I have it as active also!

Went thru my sateliite setup and it all checked ok including 110 however no new HD channels.

How will we know when we have the new channels? Will they just magically appear in our program guide?
I have YES and SNY 4 meg so my bbs work, but I only get 53 on tuner 2 and no sinal on tuner 1 in upstate NY with hr20:(
Please reply by conversation.

9300 Now A&E

Still searching...

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