DirecTV 4K olympics feed No HDR or DOLBY ATMOS = FAIL! (1 Viewer)

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Aug 5, 2004
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Ok, so it's been hyped up. The biggest event of the summer. It's the Olympics!

NBC has it in 4K and in HDR and Dolby ATMOS to anyone who wants to carry it. A time to let 4K shine and let DirecTV really showcase the power of 4K with HDR and Atmos surround emersion. You think DirecTV would be all over some bragging rights, no instead they fail with no HDR or Dolby ATMOS at all on the live feed.

What an epic failure! What's the point of having it if no one can watch it!! (the HDR and Atmos part!) It's obvious DirecTV did not prepare for this given that NBC has had the 4K feed up and testing for just about a week.

The event has not started yet (4K live stream), so maybe it will happen, but it's not looking very bright. Instead of giving DirecTV the praise for having it were discussing how it never happened. What a missed opportunity AT&T and DirecTV!

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Dec 11, 2003
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On it says that the opening ceremony will be shown in 4K at 9:00 EDT and 10:00 PDT. Since they are only using one 4K channel for the Olympics, the west coast gets a 4 hour delay. I called DirecTV and talked to one of the useless reps and he said it would come on 8:00 my time in Phoenix. I told them that DirecTV wouldn't break into the east coast feed to rerun the program for the west coast. He said that DirecTV had no way to override the NBC blackout.

DirecTV said nothing about this! They could have at least told us about the delay on the west coast.


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Feb 16, 2004
No, it was never promised to be today. Expected to start tomorrow.
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