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Sep 18, 2017
Ive used both Dish and Directv apps, seems I can do anything on the app from deleting DVR programs, timers, etc. Yet on Directv I can't even delete DVR programs, says they can't be deleted remotely. Does anybody has had the same experience with the directv app, am I missing something, or doing something wrong? Thanks
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Like mdram said, the app isn't very good. Often it won't connect or doesn't set a timer correctly if at all. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling helps.
That app is a complete joke on any of my android devices!.....And never gets improved?
I use the Android app occasionally. Never have issues. You can't delete from the mobile device as far as I can tell. If it matters, I have only used it via cell network twice once when I was in Burlington and there was actual real 4G LTE cell service and once when I was in Boston where I had the same. I have to be somewhere with wifi to use it usually.
I find that the live T.V. streaming works pretty good, but trying to access my DVR is a total crap shoot. Usually if I can connect, it tells me after about 5 minutes that the DVR is in use by someone else.
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