Independent tech/installer needed for Dish Alignment in Orlando

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    Hi Folks,
    Long time lurker, but have been around the forums for several years. I live in the Orlando, FL area and my DirecTV dish was knocked out of alignment when I took it down before Hurricane Irma. I'm getting the Error 771 - searching for signal. I checked all the connections, power inserter etc to no avail. I can't even get past the initial checking satellite signal/downloading satellite info screens at startup to try and realign the dish myself. I called DirecTV but they are saying due to storm damage the earliest appointment I could get is 2 weeks away. I looked in the yellow pages for independent installers but they don't generally seem to do residential service. I am hoping an independent tech/installer from the Orlando area might see this and be willing to come out for a cash service call to get the dish re-aligned. Any suggestions on independent installers or how to find one welcome!
  3. 771 is communication error with the dish
    could be water in something
  4. I unbolted the dish and took it down during the storm as we got 100 mph winds which would have likely ripped the dish off the roof completely. The dish was inside my garage, just the mount base left on the roof. I carefully marked the alignment bolts where the pole attaches to the base before removal and lined them up when I put it back on the roof after the storm. The coax was up on the roof during the storm, but was covered (taped the end). I didn't see any water on the Coax connector but I suppose that could have happened with all the wind driven rain.
  5. Is the mast still plumb?
  6. I would think Florida would be crawling with installers now.
  7. I would have just taken the reflector down and left the rest.
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  8. Yes, I checked the mast with a level and confirmed that it is in fact plumb.
  9. I considered this but was concerned that the arm and LNB would likely be damaged by flying debris. Still glad I took it down completely, we had lots of flying debris in my area.
  10. How can I check to see if this is a water issue? The dish connections outside and the cable all appear dry and undamaged.
  11. dont know if you can test for water
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    If the mast is plumb and there is no water intrusion, you probably are off on the azimuth. Are you using magnetic north for the azimuth?
  13. I'm starting to think this may not be an alignment issue. I've checked all connections, the dish is still aimed where it was before removal, the mast is plumb, and all of the adjustment settings (Azimuth, etc) are exactly where they were before. Fortunately, I took photos and marked every setting and bolt position before I removed the dish. Directv was able to move my service call up to earlier next week, so I think I may just have to wait it out. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, it was worth a shot. I'll post the resolution once I get back online.
  14. You are essentially aiming at a school bus that's 22,300 miles away. The alignment is critical.
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  15. Agreed. I have a real appreciation for the knowledge and skill that installers/techs have.
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  16. 1 degree off here is 500 miles from the satellite.
  17. I have always wished for some sort of "magic glasses' though I know they do not exist, that would somehow "light or paint" the dish in red or something when you were aimed spot on, or something similar to give you a pointer to shoot for so to speak.

    Never possible I know, but always something I've envisioned.
  18. There are numerous satellite finder apps that will show you where the satellites are located.
  19. But remember, that doesn't mean you can just look close to the Sat and find the signal, however, it gives you the general area.
    Its Very useful for the customer that wants service and is unsure about LOS.
  20. In this case the dish settings should be okay, it's a matter of getting the azimuth right. The sat finder apps should be helpful here.
  21. To note ...

    Actually "771" is the primary error message code for dish misalignment and LOS blockages.

    "775" (formally "771A") is the usual code for SWiM communication problems with the dish.