Directv Business account cost question

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Aug 28, 2007
Ive been looking at the Directv business account page, and I am a little confused how their rates apply to a multiple tv setup (sports bar).

Say you had a 10 tv/10 receiver account. Would it be your base package and a per set fee like a residential, or is the account fee listed per set?


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Apr 3, 2005
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I'm not sure how they charge for receivers, but the package cost is based on occupancy limits based on fire codes for the building, which can be costly.
I would imagine there is some receiver fee on top of that.

Claude would know, or any retailers that go beyond residential.


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Dec 13, 2010
Per the fine print in the terms and conditions on the DIRECTV for Business website:

COMMERCIAL XTRA PACK AND NFL SUNDAY TICKET PROGRAMMING/ BILL CREDIT OFFER: COMMERCIAL XTRA PACK (regularly $139.99/mo.) includes local channels (if available in your market), COMMERCIAL XTRA ($79.49/mo.), SPORTS PACK ($26.50/mo.) and COMPONENT FEE ($34/mo.). Additional receiver fees of $15/mo. apply for the first and each additional receiver. Purchase of 24 consecutive months of COMMERCIAL XTRA PACK required. Upon DIRECTV System activation and beginning in the second month, DIRECTV will credit the new customer's account $139.99/mo. for three consecutive months for COMMERCIAL XTRA PACK once NFL SUNDAY TICKET is activated. NFL SUNDAY TICKET must be active on the account in order for credits to begin. Therefore, credits may begin after month two. Auto Bill Pay is required and enrollment must be maintained during the entire promotional offer period or credits will cease. The $10/mo. for 12 consecutive months discount for 12 months of Auto Bill Pay is not valid with this offer.
REGIONAL SPORTS FEE: Regional Sports Fee applicable for COMMERCIAL XTRA PACK and COMMERCIAL CHOICE PLUS subscribers in select ZIP codes where DIRECTV is contractually
obligated to distribute multiple Regional Sports Network, a fee of $7.99/mo for 2-3 RSN’s and $12.99/mo for 4+ RSN will apply

The Additional receiver fees of $15/mo. is listed in each of the new commercial customer offers (for Public viewing accounts).
*The $15mo. fee might only be applicable (not 100% sure) if you choose to lease the receivers rather than own as I believe they offer both (lease OR own) options for Public viewing accounts.

For Private and Business Viewing accounts the fees are as follows:
-PRIVATE VIEWING RECEIVER FEE: Receiver fees of $6.50/mo. for the first and each additional receiver.
-BUSINESS VIEWING RECEIVER FEE: Receiver fees of $6.50/mo. each apply for 1st - 9th receivers; $4/mo. each for 10th - 21st receiver; $2/mo. each for 22nd and each additional receiver. Legal Block_Final_20151102-20160127.pdf?print=true Public Viewing Packages.pdf
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I sell these packages every day.

It's $15 per television.

If there are more than 10 or 11 televisions then there is a package where they only charge you for the first 2 televisions and all the other receiver fees are included up to 40 boxes.

6 questions...

How many HD boxes?

What is the estimated viewing occupancy. Or how many could be viewing at any given time.

What is the fire occupancy certificate.

Do you need ESPN

Do you need regional sports.

What is your zip code
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