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  1. Can someone please tell me is there still an email address for DirecTV that you can write into?

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  3. For what issue, and have you checked their website for this?
  4. Yes Ive checked the website. Only 800 number given

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  5. When you click on the email a support page shows

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  6. It would seem that the links don't ever get to an email link. That sucks.
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  7. iirc they n o longer have an email address

    you can contact them through thier forums via a private message
  8. Yeah thats what i found before i posted this. Thats why I was asking what others had experienced. Before AT&T is was rather easy to email and ask them about anything and they were very helpful.

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  9. Whats wrong with using the Chat .... it works very well.
  10. Im gonna call them. I used their chat and it was horrible. Everything was scripted like I wasnt even talking to a human and they never would answer the issue

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  11. Thats interesting, ive used it often and alway have a good conversation and typically get my questions taken care of quicker than the phone.
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  12. What specific question are you trying to get answered? Perhaps, we can help you here.
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