Directv equipment

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Friend moved and gave me his directv equipment. What should I do with it?
What kind of equipment ?
If its receivers, give them back to him as he needs to return them or he will get billed for them.
Any recvrs he may have given you, cannot be authorized by someone else as they are leased.
Right Now - You Might Be Holding Stolen Property -But before we call the police - Please list the Model Numbers and Make of each receiver. Should they say RCA -Hughes or Sony - They are Junk
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What did he give you? Receivers, dvrs, a dish? What models?
He's gone. Can't give the stuff back. Should I just call Directv and have them come pick the unit up?
You turning the recvrs in won't do him any good, he would have to return them so they are taken off his bill .... usually you have 7 days after the boxes are delivered to return them, otherwise they bill you like $400 for each recvr.
Thats gonna be quite a bill for him ...

You say he's gone .... when he gets that bill, i bet he finds you right away.

Like vashog said, depending on what recvrs you have, they may not ned them back, but if they are any of the Genies they probably will.
Yup, they are going to want that one back, but not the dish or other equipment, just the HR54.
Well IF he is Really your Friend - I would Keep them - and when his account goes to collections he may ask for them back to return them.

like others have stated you can not activate then or sell them as there are owned by ditectv
Please reply by conversation.

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