DirecTV Gives Retailers New Sales Promotions

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DVR, HD Receivers Find Added Company Backing

DirecTV unveiled a series of new promotions designed to stimulate the growth of DirecTV digital video recorders (DVRs) and high-definition (HD) television receivers.

DirecTV promotional offers announced at today's press event include:

* "$99 for any 40GB DirecTV DVR" - The new lower price saves customers more than $100 off the current 40GB DirecTV DVR suggested retail price of $249 and is available to new and existing DirecTV customers beginning Oct. 19 at DirecTV retail locations. Existing DirecTV customers can also call 1-866-GET-A-DVR to purchase their DirecTV DVR.

* "Try It, Like It or Your Money Back" - Customers who purchase a DirecTV DVR and are not completely satisfied can call DirecTV within 30 days of activation and the company will refund the purchase price of their DirecTV DVR up to $100, and replace it with a standard DirecTV receiver at no additional cost. This offer is available to new and existing DirecTV customers Oct. 18 through Feb. 28.

* "Free Three-Room Standard DirecTV System" - New customers can receive one DirecTV multi-satellite dish antenna, three DirecTV receivers, three remote controls and standard professional installation with a one-year commitment to any DirecTV Total Choice programming package. This offer is available to new customers through Feb. 28.

* "DirecTV HD Receiver Offers" - Promotions for new and existing DirecTV customers are available at select retail locations. These bundled offers include a DirecTV HD receiver, a triple LNB multi-satellite dish and installation at affordable prices. DirecTV offers a wide variety of HD programming for customers to choose from including ESPN HD, Discovery Theatre and select games on NFL Sunday Ticket.
I think this will boot some sales on this, upper class customer sure interesting the $99 DVR while most consummer will interesting those free system up to three rooms, I will try this and see if this really work, anyway, with the holiday season coming up, its time for busy season.
Can you tell me where I can take advantage of the DirecTV HD Receiver Offers" - Promotions for existing DirecTV customers. I live near the Sacramento area.
Tivo HDR

Now if only we could get some great promotion to bring down the cost of the Tivo HD Directv boxes -- I had thought by now they would have come down given the competition from the cable providers on DVR and HD.
Iceberg--it was Luke's first post. He's just looking for the best promotion he can find.

Luke--hit the link at the top of the page for Value Electronics. They will know the best deal, and you get a 10% discount for being a member of
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