DIRECTV Is Starting to Downplay Satellite in Favor of DIRECTV NOW

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  1. Some of you are not seeing the positive point of Directv Now and other providers.
    1) There are no commitment snares. (No 2-year clause)
    2) No equipment to buy or lease.
    3) Cheaper than regular cable/satellite. (Got the $35 promo and it is just to good to be true. When I had DTV sat. service, I paid $45 in fees alone.)
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  2. What about data caps?

    Perhaps I am the only one here who has that.
  3. Until every household in America has access to fiber, Directv service via satellite is not going away any time soon.
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  4. I certainly don't. All I have is AT&T Fast Access DSL 6.0 with 150 gb data cap. So slow it's pathetic .

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  5. Remember when fast use to be 1.5 ?
    6.0 isn't so bad when you put it in perspective .... then when you look at what's available in some areas, it's quite slow.

    If your a gamer, I can understand, I'm not.

    I currently have 50 mg, but that's only because the company I'm with only has 1 stinking option below that. ... and that's 10 mg. Which is more than the 6.0, but from 50 to 10 and nothing in between, that's ridiculous.

    My company went from 8 to 10, 12, 15, 18, 22 and 26, before jumping to 50.
    Raising rates almost 5 dollars each time. ... while not giving the customer the option to stay.

    Told them I would be fine with 15 or 20, they said they don't have it, even though I previously had it.
  6. I'm not a gamer.

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  7. We have a locally owned cable company called ComSouth. It has DSL in some areas and fiber to the premises in other areas. It's fiber where I live but I think it cost too much compared to the big guys , so I stay with ATT.

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  8. I Have Fios and looked at the channel lineup with all streaming services . I think I will be staying with dish and Verizon .
  9. Ok people. One more time.....Satellite cannot be replaced with streaming. Impossible.
    The reason is simple. The type of broadband service whether viz wire line or over the cell network will not be available for most of the country for years to come.
    The costs are staggering.
    Think about the investment the ISP's and cell carriers would have to make in order to provide the necessary capacity....That cost would be passed along to the consumers who DO have access.
    And that would drive many people out of the marketplace. Those that could not afford to absorb what would essentially be a subsidy would either shut down their service( less likely) or down grade to a lower level to dave money( more likely) . Cell carriers and ISP's would see huge losses. That's not going to happen.
    So all this hand wringing about the disappearance of satellite tv is unwarranted.
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  10. I agree that Sat TV isn't going anywhere, however, att is working on getting new internet service to you ....
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  11. That's why I stay with ATT for internet service . I believe that they will upgrade it in my area at some point

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  12. AT&T is slowly phasing out U-Verse so they can free up bandwidth, at the same time they are expanding their gigabyte internet connection, but I doubt that will expand any faster at this rate, its gonna take at least a decade to increase that foot print and take away people from cable internet to gigabyte.

    BTW AT&T lost more customers this last QT, this is several qt in a row they lost hundreds of thousands of customers with their wireless service. They are hurting big time.

    T-Mobile has been putting the hurt on Verizon & AT&T. Verizon this last QT has seen a staggering amount of customers cancelling and moving on to T-Mobile or Sprint.
    AT&T on the other hand stopped caring about their Wireless customers.
  13. Looks like Verizon has as well.
  14. Love how Verizon CEO backtracked about the Unlimited data.
    I am happy T-Mobile is forcing these large providers hands.
  15. Doesn't T-Mobile use others cell towers ?
  16. They have their own, but in some of the areas they use other GSM providers I believe... they recently bought more spectrum, when they start rolling it out later on this year their coverage is going to be the 2nd best in the nation, I believe its the 600mhz spectrum (low band) so they can go further, and improve reception inside buildings, which T-Mobile has been struggling for years.
  17. AT&T and Verizon are going to start to compete (and already are to some extent) on price with T-Mo and Sprint. AT&T is ahead of VZW in preparing for that by having other revenue streams, like DirecTV and Time Warner (soon). I still couldn't actually get a T-Mobile or Sprint signal in half of the rural places I visit, while AT&T is usually there, and, to be honest, I am really only paying a few bucks more than I would on the cheaper carriers, albeit for less data, but it is plenty of data for my needs. I could switch back to Verizon, but then I wouldn't have service where my parents live in upstate NY.

    Anyway, I think Satellite isn't going anywhere for a long time, but I do see streaming services like DTVN growing substantially over time, especially as wireless and broadband internet capacity continues to grow. If they don't grow fast enough, then the service quality will suffer, and they will lose customers, so it is in AT&T's interest to make the experience acceptable.
  18. You don't need fiber to stream. Last time I checked using H.264v (MPEG-4 AVC) codec Directv Now was under 3 Mbps and PSvue was almost double at 5 Mbps. Data caps is another issue however.
  19. 4k would require much higher @ 25Mbs
  20. Doesn't T hold a lot of spectrum they lease out rather than use themselves?