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Jul 16, 2004
DirecTV Latin America is a complex setup. It provides service from 95w to a lot of Caribbean markets, including Trinidad, Columbia, Brazil, Barbados, Puerto Rico.

That last one is important, Puerto Rico is an American Territory, they are allowed N.A. programming, but it is from the 95w sat. They truly are the N.A. channels, re-uplinked for that market, yes the beams do work across the Caribbean, but subscriptions are very heavily guarded. If you want to see what's available, check out the line-up at There are a couple of 'special' spot beams, that you can't pick-up without a 6ft dish, if at all, in Trinidad.

Moving on to what you can realistically do in Trinidad...try Dish Network. 61.5w is at a good angle for you. 119w also works, but is low to the horizon for Trinidad.

The good thing about trying DN, is you can use an FTA box to find the signal, before wasting your time in getting a sub.
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