DirecTV loses Lawsuit

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Reported today in our local newspaper that 11 Circuit has ruled that DirecTV cannot sue people for possession of technology that may be used to pirate DirecTV.

DirecTV has filed suit on 24,000 people who refused to pay $3500 extortion settlement letter sent out. An estimate of over 100,000 letters requesting payment of $3500 were sent. People who purchased electronics over the internet and local stores were suspect and sent the letter. The suspect electronics were devices that could read Smart cards as well as receivers that were purchased and not activated.

DirecTV spokesperson said they will focus in the future on actual use of the purchased suspected electronics for pirating DirecTV.

My Comment- If 100000 letters were sent out and only 24,000 suits filed, does this mean that DirecTV has extorted 76000 x 3500 = $266,000,000. ?

This could be the making of one heck of a class action suit for return of all the money collected plus damages.

The court ruling did not address the settlements already extorted from people who felt it was less expensive to settle than to fight DirecTV in court which was estimated at $10K -$12K per defendant.

The local article did state that DirecTV could fight for a reverse ruling from another circuit court which would land the case in the Federal Supreme Court.
I am a firm believer in what the EFF and other organizations have done in fighting this extortion from DTV. It is a true travesty of justice that they have been able to extort money from these individuals for so many years now.

I understand that they have, or at least had, an issue with their SmartCard Technology that made hacking somewhat of a standard process and far to easy. But, the mere fact of owning said SmartCard Technology does not bind these uses solely to DTV.

There are legitimate uses for this equipment as there have been for years. It is the burden of DTV to prove these devices were used maliciously. Ownership does not prove guiltiness. This is what they've been forcing on people with Gestapo like tactics and the average John & Jane Doe can not afford a multi-thousand dollar law suit just to prove their innocence.

How much money has been extorted indeed!? DTV should be held accountable for all previous settlements and should have to prove guiltiness or reverse any legal process declarations and give these people their money back!
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