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Sep 1, 2005
New to DTV, I was with Dish for a long period (16 yrs) but the lack of sports finally did me in. That said, the mobile app on Dish was great until the last few updates.

Now on Direct, few things.

1) Locals are not always available. I can be down the road and try to get locals and they dont appear. Is this normal?

2) How do you watch Sunday Ticket on mobile? On the app, the channels don't appear and if try to go through the ST app, it puts me into a never ending loop of signing into DTV.

Any ideas would be great. Thanks!
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1) I believe locals (outside of your home wifi ) are only available in certain markets . Like if I drive to DC or Philly I see local station in the app but not in my home market.

2) download nfl sunday ticket app. Its a separate app not in the directv app.

Also you can only sign into NFL ST on 1 device at a time . If you have a computer you can sign on and view on multiple Google Chrome tabs/monitors

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Yea my home market is Norfolk so none of my stations are O&O .

I just used that as an example . I think in DC some locals show up in the app too.

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