Directv Remote Roku tv

i got an old Directv Remote, can i program it to work a roku tv?
You might be able to. I programmed one for an old dvd recorder/hard drive unit years ago.
There might be a way to program each button with what you want it to do.

Why not just try it and see what happens? You replacing a missing remote?
Most Roku branded TVs use unique IR codesets that older universal remotes don't support. DIRECTV's latest "old-style" remote the RC66 came out back in 2013, a year before the first Roku SmartTVs hit the market, only the newer Genie RC-7x remotes have codes for them.

TCL lists some codes that might work with their Roku branded TVs, but in another thread a user had no luck with them for their Westinghouse Roku TV.

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