DirecTv Tivo - "Searching for signal on Satellite 1"

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Apr 14, 2004
I have a RCA 18-inch dish, Dual LNB DirecTv system. I have a Multi-Switch and three DirecTv Receivers. One of the receivers is a Hughes SD-DVR40 DirecTv/TiVo receiver. The others are a cheap Sony and an Original RCA.

Recently I have been getting messages on my screens telling me that the units are SEARCHING FOR SATELLITE SIGNAL. This message will appear on any of the three units, however, the other two units will be functioning properly. I have noticed this problem more when I switch to a local channels, but have not been able to pinpoint any specific pattern. I can tell you that if I channel up or down, the other channels on the receiver come in just fine.

I have noticed that when I change the channel on one of the other working units, the signal suddenly snaps back in and everything works properly again until I change the channel.

This is an intermittent problem but it seems to be occuring more frequently as of late. I have checked the cable connections everywhere. Could this be a problem with the Multi-Switch?

Phoenix, Az
You may need one of the oval dishes because Directv has been moving around channels. They may have moved the channels that you are trying to watch.
With a DirecTivo you must have a tri-LNB oval Dish for it to work properly. I am surprised it works that well with a single LNB dish, or it works at all. change out your dish and you should be all set.
I had the SAME problem last week. The technician came to the house and after a couple of hours of troubleshooting, changed my coax ends and it fixed the problem. Somehow one of them shorted out. He also said it could have been my wallplate. I had bought a dual for the Dtivo install last month and the tech last week said 20% are bad coming out of the package. He replaced that at no cost to me.
I noticed this problem recently as I had some visitors staying with me. I may have been having this problem for quite sometime (since I got the TiVo-DVR last July).

Is the fact that I don't have a Tri-LNB the source of my problem?

I checked all of my connections, and even bypassed the Multiswitch altogether and all my signals were good from both outputs on the LNB. But when I hook everything back to the multiswitch, I encounter the problem again.
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