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Mar 25, 2014
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My directv2pc used to work fine and then one day would not recognize my receiver. I downloaded another version of the directv2pc and eventually I got it to recognize the receiver and it loads the list from the dvr but when I try to play a recording the screen goes black and will not play the recording. When I try any of the controls such as rewind, a dialogue box appears stating that directv2pc has stopped working. I put the program on another pc and it works fine. Any ideas why it wont work on my main computer?
Is this happening on your personal network, or on another Wifi network? What is the manufacturer & model of the device you are using, and the Operating System it is running? Do you have it completely updated with all current drivers, along with software updates.

If you are roaming, what is the manufacturer & model of your Router or Gateway and who is your ISP that you use at home? This is for the Geniego, but the ports should apply to Directv2pc. If your router/gateway allows for UPnP, allow it to run, and then it should automatically open the ports for you.

The problem also is that if you are on a network that is tightened down to restrict users from hogging bandwidth. It could be set to not allow you to use this type of service when roaming.

From one link I found. It was stated that ports 9000 and 49152 are used for Directv2pc. Try running back through the Network setup on your DVR. BTW, what DVR do you have with DirecTV? Also how is it connected to your router/gateway?
Windows 7 all updated, HR 24 dvr which I have rebooted, ISP is wireless broadband which my provider gets from ATT T1. The program works with the same router and broadband on another computer running Vista.
Windows 7 all updated, HR 24 dvr which I have rebooted, ISP is wireless broadband which my provider gets from ATT T1. The program works with the same router and broadband on another computer running Vista.
You are saying that you have a WISP then. Have you talked to them, to make sure that they are not using QOS, to limit what users are doing. Especially since it is very easy to slaughter a T1 connection, to the point that it is worse then Dial-up speeds.

And when I mean Slaughter. I mean that I have been in an office that did Microfilm & Microfiche imaging. We would have to scan in the documents, and then go through and check them before placing into a database, or email. We also would have the other part of the office going through documents that were scanned in by a scanner in the office, then go through and put in case#, id#'s. The way they had it set up. Was that as you scanned info in, it would go through the VPN to a LAN based Cloud Server on a SAN, then the software that we were using on our workstations would have to download the information, for us to look at.

Very poor setup, but what do you expect for State Government IT.

Check with your WISP, to make sure that they are not putting any blocks in place, and that they are not possibly throttling users, which most likely they are, since it is a T1, and they do not want one user in particular using all of the bandwidth.

They can also work with you in setting up the equipment in your home, so that the proper ports are forwarded on it. Since some do not let the end user make changes for security reasons. And also they may be using their own form of DD-WRT, or some other Open Source Router Project on the equipment they are placing in the end-user's place.

Let us know what you find out from your WISP. Also if they can see if your computer is even seeing the DVR when you are not on your network. Some WISP's do use a Packet Sniffer to watch traffic, mainly for security reasons, but have it set up to not pull confidential information. Others do the reverse opposite. That is why there is a big push for people to use VPN, when doing banking or other secured site browsing.

Probably more then you want to know. But figured I would lay it out on the table for those items you need to be asking your WISP (Wireless ISP).
I think the Directv2PC app hasn't been updated in years... and it stopped working on my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop as well a while back. And would never work on my Windows 8 laptop. So maybe it's working on Vista because of updates to Win7 where the app just won't work correctly without an updated from Directv. I contacted Directv about it and they point me to Cyberlink. Cyberlink says that the Directv2PC app is unsupported and has been out of development for a long time. So most likely, that's why it isn't working on the "newer" OS.
I'm only seeing green screen issues on HD but not SD so i'm thinking my laptop computer is not HDCP compliant, because all my drivers video and audio are updated, using Windows 7 OS with Intel Celeron Processor 1005M 1.90 GHZ on AirPort Extreme router and Motorola Cable Modem SB6121, with Comcast as my ISP using Wifi, I'll probably connect to HDCP compatible TV to see if that's the problem,
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