DirecTV's TIVO unit

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Nov 7, 2003
Hello. I'm looking into switching over from E* to D* and am wondering if there are work arounds to having to run 2 coax cables to the receiver from the dish. Is there a way to use a diplexor to avoid having to run another cable (and drilling another hole) or am I stuck with having to run 2 cables? I'm going to be replacing the PVR510 unit we have now.
The DirecTivo can operate on one cable, but then you miss out on the 2nd tuner being active - a big negative in my book.

Check out this thread as well as this one.

Bottom line: Figure out some way to run a 2nd RG6 cable to your receiver location.
You will have to get what is called a "Stacker" and I don't know much about it,but it works similer to a diplexor.
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