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Nov 28, 2009
Austin, Texas
I am using a VIP211k receiver with an extra Dish500 w/DP-Plus LNBF (AK72-BTE), 110, 119, that I use for camping. I bought it used and it seemed to work correctly once before.

A couple of weeks ago I could only get it to work intermittently, so yesterday I tried to point it here at home. I set the receiver to the point-dish screen, Sat 119, transponder 11 and it gives me a strong signal. I then change the transponder to (anything else) and put it back to 11 and the signal is gone (no matter how long I wait).

I find that in order to restore the signal I only need to disconnect the cable for a few seconds and then reconnect it; the signal comes back full strength.

The same thing happens if I temporarily change to a different satellite and then back. The same thing happens if I start on transponder 19.

Does this mean that the LNBF is bad? Would my local installers be able to test it to find out for sure?

A second question: My goal is to get 119 and 129 with this dish-500 setup. I know the angle is slightly different between 110/119 vs 119/129, but would you expect it to be "close enough" to work? (My home setup is a Dish1000 with 110, 119, 129.)

Ok... one more. What transponder/spot-beam should I use to aim for 129?

Thanks for your insights.

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