DiSEqC position adjusting and storage

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Nov 3, 2008
I’m in need of a little guidance. For the past few days, I’ve been messing around with a new Edision OS mio+ running TNAP 4.1 and figured out a number of things, but this issue is confounding me a little bit.

Can someone tell me the proper sequence of events to go through in order to store a satellite position using DiSEqC?

The method I’ve been using is to go into Positioner Setup, select the satellite, then with a spectrum analyzer connected, use the move east, move west, and fine movement to bump it in small increments. I don’t understand the difference between the various “move” and “search” modes. Move makes sense, but I can’t figure out what’s happening if I press one of the “search” modes.

Also, sometimes it appears as though just scrolling left/right through the available satellites in the positioner setup causes the dish to start moving. At least, the spectrum display clearly indicates that it is swinging through the arc. That just adds more confusion to the situation.

Any helpful hints appreciated!
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