dish 500 pointing question


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Apr 18, 2004
I Have a BEV dish with Y adapter and 2 lnbf's connected with an sw21 yesterday I was trying to point at 110 and 119 but I could only get one or the other I tried playing with the screw and still nothing. I decided to run 2 dishes to get both birds but I was sure that I could have got them off of one.

Now I'm thinking is the dish 500 shaped differently then the BEV dish I am currently using? I can get 124-125% sig on 119 and assoon as I play with the scew it drops. I can get about 110-115% on a 121scew (southern Ont) but only on 119 and nothing on 110o would any one have any advice for me?

The Dish 500 for Dish Network or Bev shoud be the same shape since the spacing is still 9 degrees apart with either service (82/91 vs. 110/119). Perhaps it is something in the switch or something else. You do have to run a check switch in order for the signal and channels to show up correctly.

When you say you get one at a time do you bypass the switch to see if each comes in or do you switch the wires on the switch to see if it will work to still only get one satellite at a time? d

Do NOT adjust the skew to try to get a signal in, make sure the mast is plumb on all sides, so that your elevation and skew numbers will be true. Also make sure you are not getting the 110 satellite on the 119 lnbf or vice versa.

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