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Jan 7, 2004
Bondurant, IA
I have a couple questions about this reciever. If I go this route and say in a year dump dish network can I still use the dish 811 as a stand alone OTA reciever. Also if I go with this package do I still have to get local channels in my package, or since it has an OTA antenna built in I can bypass that cost. Basically I am looking at this as a possible inexpensive OTA antenna. Thanks for the input.
The answer to your first question is no, but. You can cancel E*, but the receiver must still see the E* signal for the OTA portion of the receiver to work. So you will need to leave the dish, LNB's, and switches in place. If you own them you shouldn't have a problem. If you are a DHP customer, I'm sure E* will be out to collect its equipment.

As for your locals question, the day they installed my 811, was the day I cancelled my locals package. I'm able to get all of my locals, both digital and analog, using an OTA antenna. I do miss the ability to see what is on my local channels using the guide, but I overcame that by using

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