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The attached PDF explains how to program your universal remote to control your Dish Network 811 Receiver.

SatelliteGuys hopes this information helps you get more enjoyment out of your Dish 811 receiver.


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Theater Master MX-500 remote and DN508/DN811

Howdy all,
Is anybody using this remote with two DN receivers? If so, how do you get it to control one receiver w/o controlling the other?

The MX-500 only has one 'slot' for satellite data. I put the 508 there and learned it to the MX-500 using code 122. Then, I put the 811 in the 'cable slot' below the sat slot but it will not accept the 122 code.

If anybody knows how to get both receivers codes into the MX-500, I would be grateful.

Also, if anybody has any knowledge about discrete codes for these DN receivers, bonus points.

Thank you,
George -bub

I have 2 811's and was having the same problem, all you need to do is change the 'Remote Address' of one of the units, this way the remote will only control one unit.

Take a look in the user manual and look for Remote Address and you will find the instructions, I remember it being quite easy, but I forogt exactly how it is done....
Someone posted in another thread that they could not load the PDF, so here is the text from the PDF (hope that's okay...):


When in SAT mode, the DISH 811 receiver’s remote control outputs only UHF Pro commands. However, the DISH 811 is capable of receiving both infrared commands and UHF Pro commands.


With P264 software and later, the DISH 811 includes a “Teach Remote” feature that allows it to receive commands from the 8.0 UHF Pro remote, and echoes those commands in infrared via the IR blast to a nearby learning remote.

Please note:

• Only commands used for the DISH 811 receiver will be echoed back; other remote commands (e.g. DVR, PIP, TV, etc.) will be ignored.

• After teaching a learning remote, if the receiver’s remote address is changed, each command of the learning remote must be re-taught so that the addresses match.

• Some learning remotes may not be capable of learning from the DISH 811 IR commands.

• Not all “universal” remotes are learning remotes.

• Use the remote-to-remote distance specified in the learning remote’s user guide as the distance to locate the learning remote from the receiver’s IR blast. In some cases, it may be necessary to increase or decrease the distance for optimal performance.


1. Using the DISH Network 8.0 remote control, choose MENU, (6) System Setup, (3) Diagnostics.

2. If your receiver does not have the Teach Remote option in the System Diagnostics Tests screen, turn off the receiver and take the latest software download.

3. In System Diagnostics Tests, move the highlight to Teach Remote and press SELECT on the remote control.

4. Review the “Warning” screen that states that a press of a front panel button must be used to exit “Teach Remote” mode. Select Help for more information or select Yes to continue.

5. While in SAT mode, each valid button press on the 8.0 remote control will cause the receiver to display “Remote Control Button Pressed.” Use your learning remote according to its User Guide to receive the infrared command being sent from the satellite receiver. If a button is pressed on the 8.0 remote control that is not used for the DISH 811 receiver, the command will be ignored and no message will be displayed.

6. When completed, exit “Teach Remote” mode by either pressing any front panel button, or leaving the receiver alone for at least three minutes. NOTE: Even if the receive front panel buttons are locked, you can still exit “Teach Remote” mode by pressing a front panel button; the front panel locks will continue to operate.
Universal Remote Programming

Thanks for the PDF Scott. Just what I was looking for, but I have no idea where to physically position my universal remote to get the "learning" IR signal......and how long does each "blast" last?

Thanks, Geoff
cancunkev said:

I have 2 811's and was having the same problem, all you need to do is change the 'Remote Address' of one of the units, this way the remote will only control one unit...

You must program a code other than "O" into each remote. The remote with "0" programmed into it will control both receivers.
Working remote code for Dish 811

I have One For All URC-8910 remote and generic 0775 remote code works for most Dish 811 functions: power, channel up/dn, all select keys (left/right/up/down/select), number buttons, info, exit, guide, menu... Well, do you really need more than that?
How about the Page Up/Page Down to control HD and SD Formatting? That would be convenient.

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